foodculture days est une plateforme de partage de connaissances basée à Vevey, Suisse.


The urban orchard (2021)

Urban Orchard
Ruelle du Lac and corner of Quai Perdonet, 1800 Vevey

Initiated by foodculture days in 2021 with the support of Agenda 21 and in collaboration with Jacques Falquet, the Praz Bonjour collective, and the Espaces Verts de Vevey, the initiative invites the public to green the common space, with the planting of fruit trees on a plot of land at the corner of Rue du Lac and Quai Perdonnet.

This project wishes to reinvent the ways in which we interact with public space, especially in urban areas, and invites us to reappropriate this ancestral gesture of gathering in our daily lives and our future. Taking into account climate change and global warming on the Vaud Riviera, which trees will we choose to plant together? What new types of trees, so far called "Mediterranean", could border the shores of the Vaud Riviera in the near future? The fruit trees chosen by the project team will be selected in order to create a space where, in a few years, edible fruit will grow, free of charge for the passers-by of the city of Vevey. An annual mediation program has been developed during 2022 to activate the orchard punctually and will be repeated in 2023.