foodculture days est une plateforme transdisciplinaire de partage de connaissances basée à Vevey (Suisse)



Manioc is indispensable for the forgotten worlds. These worlds, sometimes enslaved and sometimes savage, were endured by the pão da terra. How is the journey of a plant to other continents? A planta ao migrar viaja com sua complexidade? In the XVI century, manioc beijus traveled on Portuguese ships from Brazil to Europe and Africa. It fed for days and months crews and battles survivors, and was planted all over the Atlantic coast of Africa to familiarize the continent with manioc flour. This flour reigns in the immensity of Brazilian shore and backlands as food base since before the European colonization. The etiology of manioc comes from an Amerindian legend from the north of Brazil that envolves the human body in conscious sacrifice. In the XXI century the journey of manioc has new paths. Countries of the southern hemisphere plant it for subsistence and export; and manioc travels as well as immigrants to Europe.

Friday at 6pm, the artist proposes a conversation about rituals and traditions silenced in colonization processes. The installation will be activated with a collective meal and launch of the publication / map Triste Beiju, fruit of a research trip in Brazil and diverse collaborations.

Jonas van Holanda (Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil) is a non-binary trans artist, researcher of poetic transits and insurgencies of gender as well as vegetable alchemist. His work is based on subverting semantic relationships and creating new aesthetic references withdecolonial discourses and tools. He studied Visual Arts at the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) and at the School of Visual Arts at Parque Lage. Among his most recent exhibitions stand out: Quando nos estamos? at Tomie Ohtake Institute (São Paulo), Travessias Ocultas at SESC Bom Retiro (São Paulo), Bestiário at Centro Cultural São Paulo, and Sandwich Generation at Capacete (Rio de Janeiro). Worked at the 32nd Biennial of São Paulo at the work-restaurant Restauro of Jorge Menna Barreto. Was recently residing at Casa Matony in La Paz, Bolivia, curated by Beatriz Lemos (LASTRO) and HANGAR Artistic Research Center (The residence was held in conjunction with the Instituto Tomie Ohtake(Brazil), sponsored by the Institute EDP, being the winner of the 5th edition of the Energiasna Arte Award, 2016). Participated in the artistic residence A SUL in the Public Laundry of Carnide (Teatro do Silêncio, Lisbon). Recently proposed actions in Fabra i Coat space of contemporary art in Barcelona, ESP (Churrasquinho), in the Festival FAR, Nyon, CH(Rootburger) and at Vila Itororo, São Paulo, BR (Chuva do caju) com Jorge Menna Barreto. Her constant activities include actions and workshops on food micropolitics and decolonial structures in gender and feminism, trying to reinvigorate the role of masculinities in the timeless carnofalocentric context. Lives and works in São Paulo.