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Vogue Végétale

Soya the Cow | Daniel Hellmann (CH) / Tomás Eyzaguirre (CL/DE)

Vogue Végétale presents a series of fashion photographs featuring clothing made from lettuce, radishes, grapes and other edible fruits and vegetables. This series was produced by Soya the Cow with photographer Tomas Eyzaguirre and costume designer Raki Fernandez, and playfully questions the relationship between humans and non-humans, food and fashion, those who eat and those who are eaten. The confrontation between edible materials and the body of the cow-human hybrid creates hypnotically beautiful textures and political fashion statements about a throw-away consumerist society where our identities are constituted not only by what we wear but also by what or who we eat.

Soya the Cow is a vegan feminist drag cow and the alter ego of Zurich-based performance artist and singer Daniel Hellmann. Since her debut at the 2018 Animal Rights March in front of the legendary Volksbühne Berlin, Soya the Cow has been performing in a variety of artistic contexts and forms, from her theater show Dear Human Animals (2020) to her electro-pop album Purple Grass (2021), in TV shows such as The Voice of Germany (2021), in the exhibition format Planet Moo (2022) or online in social networks. Soya was born to inspire and challenge the status quo. She fights for animals and for all those whose voices are not heard.

Tomás Eyzaguirre is a Chilean artist based in Berlin. He started working with photography and moving images in 2012, mainly in collaborative projects for fashion and music. Over the years, his work has expanded into the disciplines of installations, performance and music. In 2020 he developed the ongoing project Queer Calendar of Berlin, the proceeds of which are donated to a local queer rights organization. He is currently featured in Die Hasen Stunde, a 30-page newspaper-format artist’s book dedicated to his work, and recently released the first album of his music project Auno.